Friday, November 11, 2011

In anticipation of my soon-to-be aunthood, I've been watching old episodes of Sesame Street (and admittedly for the pure pleasure of taking a big nostalgia trip and waxing theoretically about educational strategies for young children) and as much as I absolutely adore the Muppets in all their forms, I have to say I also really get a kick out of the human-people segments: Maria's brilliant homages to Charlie Chaplin, Grover remarking to Madeleine Khan that she's looking especially attractive that day (she really did look flipping gorgeous), the unresolved romantic tension between David and Maria, Bob and Linda's decidedly are-they-aren't-they relationship, Gordon's various Timelord regenerations during the first 5 or so seasons (turns out Epic Sideburns!Gordon regenerated into Epic Afro!Gordon, who regenerated into the Epic Bald!Gordon most of us remember).

What really caught my attention today, though, was this little feature about a brother and sister having a poster printed for their lost dog, showcasing some lovely vintage typesetting and printing. I'm really quite envious of the setup that print shop's got going:

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