Wednesday, August 26, 2009

nightmares were gone for a time, now returned. it's hard to quiet the mind. the yogis, you know them, the ones who make it seem so effortless, i think they're having a laugh.

hands are busy, knitting new things for the shoppe (i haven't forgotten, but my studio is awfully full and i was away for a while). turns out england kind of seeps into your bones and stays there, like a memory in the body as well as the mind. i am drawn by forces more powerful than myself to return, not that i'd choose to resist. but can i return? i will, at least to visit.

in the meantime, pictures beginning to appear here. feel free to investigate. more pictures forthcoming. prints available.

i'm thinking of doing a bakewell tart, or possibly a peach pudding, with the fresh peaches we've got at the moment. perhaps even apricot pudding. trouble is of course that i'm trying to cut down on my grain consumption again, as these things don't sit well with me. this clashes just a little with the idea of sponge pudding and shortcrust pastry, admittedly. recipes forthcoming if my willpower breaks down and i start baking.

Monday, August 17, 2009



now read.

the humidity was at a near-record high today, and hung heavily over the neighbourhood with unfathomable thickness, like the heavy, hot scent of someone whose blood seems to be sublimating out of their skin, lending them a thick, foggy aura with an inescapably sticky, sweet fragrance that is so cloying as to be gag-inducing.

you know the people i'm talking about.

that was today.