Friday, October 28, 2011

Sami Kelsh Eats New York - Day Five

(In hindsight, it turns out this day was our first date.)

Here's the thing about pancakes: I'm really fussy about them. A good pancake is fluffy, but not dry, but not greasy; sustaining but not heavy. It should not need syrup or other accoutrements, but should still be well complimented by a drizzle of maple, a pat of butter, or a portion of berry coulis. And the pancakes above did. Perfection.

It was likewise a risk on my part ordering chocolate pancakes, as my rules governing chocolate are quite specific as well: it should never be grainy, or crumbly, or be melted to the point that it resembles nuclear waste. It should appear to hold its shape, but yield upon contact, becoming a gloriously oozing mess as your knife and fork pass through. It should be perfectly smooth, and creamy. It does not need to be bittersweet. I suspect that it may well be somewhat anathema to foodie wisdom to suggest that milk chocolate has as much merit as its dark counterpart, but Gosh damn, it does. I don't think it makes me a philistine to say that sometimes I just like milk chocolate better.

As for the animated shenanigans you watched us get up to there, here's the fruits of our labour:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sami Kelsh Eats New York - Day Four

Conclusions: Vanleeuwen ice cream = LEGENDARY. Frenchly rude patisserie macarons = overrated. Stand4 veggie burger: I suspect contained trace amounts of mushrooms, but only experienced minor swelling and numbness.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Sami Kelsh Eats New York - Day Three

My relationship to Williamsburg was, it turns out, odd. I did buy a hat to fit in with the flocks of trilbied locals I saw walkign about, but felt distinctly odd during my time there. Maybe it was the heat, or the notable lack of shade anywhere I ventured in the neighbourhood, and then it turns out most of my photos from that day got X-rayed real bad and didn't turn out. Oh well.

But here's Peob on the L train: