Friday, February 26, 2010

first gosh darn blog entry of 2010. where the hell i been at?

this is IMPORTANT:

i just got home on the bus from watching dexter (i've never seen it and had basically no clue what's going on, but it seems neat) at dave's. so there was me on the last bus, and the driver, and this utterly fucking wasted kid who looked, i guess, about 20. driver stopped once or twice to make sure kid didn't barf as he looked pretty poorly, all slumped over and wobbly. when the driver got to my stop and i went to get off, the kid was pretty much unconscious and the driver couldn't get an answer out of him as to where he was going. so i pitched in and tried to ask (as the driver was a middle-aged sikh fellow and did have something of an accent) where he was going, and if he'd missed his stop, if he knew how to get home and all that. the kid then proceeded to list random numbers at me, vomit on the seat in front of him, and he gave us this utterly creepy smirk all the while, as the driver got on the phone with somebody to try and sort out what to do. eventually we got the word "west" out of him, concluded he must mean west acres drive, and we got him to get off as my stop is the last stop on that street. then i shrugged and said goodnight to the driver (poor guy) and the kid just STOOD THERE in the road as the bus sped away back to wherever buses go at the end of the night. so i walked past, shrugged apologetically, and as i passed, he shouted after me, "i made you suffer!" at which point it was all i could do to keep from rolling around in the snow with laughter. see? this story totally had a point.