Monday, April 28, 2008

shh... don't tell her, but i'm getting these for my mum for mother's day:

petal pearl earrings by elizabeth scott

it's hard buying jewelry for my mum, because our tastes don't always overlap in these kinds of things, but somehow i think these are simple and pretty enough that she'll like them as much as i do.

and and and i've just bought a whole bunch more mustard and black shirts (organic, of course) to make more bumbly bee shirts:


and i have a massive, MASSIVE organic mango that i bought on the weekend, and i think it's ripe enough to tuck into today. life is good. but how the heck are you?

Friday, April 25, 2008

sometimes this blog just needs to stop being about a) my own neuroses and mental shortcomings, and/or b) all the neato stuff in my shop, and needs instead to rave about the awesomeness of other people's work.

kelly newcomer creates some of the flipping awesomest art i've ever seen anywhere. it's just so joyful and harmonious and the absolute best kind of whimsical. this is "flowers and machines":

which is pretty much THE absolute best piece of art that i own, so much so that i pretty much intend to decorate at least one room of my next apartment around it.

this is one of her otherworldly and impossibly adorable robot sculptures:

this is lovable machine, and indeed one does kind of feel the uncontrollable urge to hug it:

and this is helicopter baby:

and now that you've seen how thoroughly awesome all of this stuff is, go check out the rest of her stuff, too.