Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ok, that's it. happy belated birthday to me, i'm getting a piercing. in my ear.

because why? because i'm crazy like that.

also, out of some kind of perverse curiosity, i decided to see if i could find a copy of the recorded output (all two singles!) of ricky gervais' short-lived early 80s new wave band, seona dancing. found one copy of their collected works from some ebay seller in singapore, and it arrived here a few days ago.

and holy fuck, i love it. cheesy? a little bit, but actually quite good musically, and ricky has the 80s new wave man voice down hardcore. i don't know why, but something just struck me listening to this band, like these are my anthems, like i get it, and they just feel, somehow, good.

no clue what i'm talking about? their single "more to lose" is now playing on my myspace page.

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