Friday, June 01, 2007

so today i bought myself a couple of skinny neckties from the fabulous cyberoptix tie lab and i am all kinds of excited:


as i write this book, i keep visualizing it as being really filmic, but the more i think about it, it would make a terrible film. it's all full of memories, flashbacks and introspection, and would therefore either be two hours of voice-over narration or a seemingly unconnected series of scenes and images with almost no dialogue.

but my goodness, it would have a wicked soundtrack.


inaluxe said...

these are yummy. I have a black and white thing going at the moment, but more so with walls. I'd like rich velvety baroque black and white walls. It would probably drive me insane looking at them, but they'd be quite amazing. maybe I'll just do a temporary installation. :)

everything ok! said...

i think that would be hot. very decadent. i say DO IT!