Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Torontonia, here I come

So this year, in an effort to economise on travel (but still get the bloody hell out of town for a few precious days) I've elected to put Portland (I'm about 12,000 aeroplan points shy of a free flight) and Montreal ($250 for a train ticket? Je pense que NON) on the backburner, and take a Sami Kelsh Eats tour of the beautiful city of very nearby Toronto.

I'm actually quite embarrassed to say that it's been well over a year since I spent any time properly exploring the city, even though I'm only a little more than an hour away.

I've been living here for the better part of three decades, and there are startlingly few places I know where to eat in Toronto. If anybody wants to make some recommendations of cool places where I can get pancakes and sandwiches and things that are good, if I don't get lost, I might end up filming myself eating there.

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