Friday, May 18, 2012

My Birthday Is Nearly Upon Us: Suggestions, Hint Hint

If there's one time of year where I suppose one can indulge in a bit more than the usual amount of socially-sanctioned selfishness, it's your birthday, right? As such, since I'm turning 28 in one week's time, here are some things I'd really really really really like. Not that I'm soliciting people to buy me gifts or anything, but you know, if you wanted to gift me all of the things, I probably wouldn't protest too much. Thus:

These sexy wee beasties
from bakeallthethings are cake batter blondies with rainbow sprinkles, which combines so many of my favourite things: cake batter (which I confess to sometimes liking more than cake itself); blondies (all the texturey goodness of brownies, but sometimes it just feels really good to do away with chocolate and enjoy something more... pure), and RAINBOW SPRINKLES. Love.

I don't even know if I suit wearing bow ties, but who cares? This one from newtonstreetvintage is so adorable that I'm sure I'll find some way of incorporating it into my wardrobe.

And then there's this laser cat tote bag from daintylibrarian which is, frankly, amazing. Given that I'm as enamoured as I am of science-fiction special effects of decades past, it should come as no surprise that I'd fall in love with a bag that looks like something out of 1980s Doctor Who, or possibly the first season of Star Trek The Next Generation, only vastly improved by the presence of cats.

Speaking of laser cats
, there's also this amazeballs print by medusawolf.

It's a unicorn, and it's also a USB drive. Given my love for both mythical creatures AND data storage devices, I clearly kind of need this lovely creature from hemingwayfun to live. It is a thing of beauty.

Frazer Hines. Yep, I'd like Frazer Hines for my birthday. He's a handsome and clever chap. We could drink gin and watch videos, it would be a nice birthday party.

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