Friday, October 24, 2008

so today i was at the starbucks in uptown waterloo, around the noonhour lunch rush of crazy. the place was full of people in outfits that looked more expensive than mine (i pay a surprising amount of money for outfits that don't look like you'd pay a surprising amount of money for them, i'll have you know) and after i got my latte i decided it would be a good idea to pay a trip to the restroom. i tried the door of the ladies' room - locked. i could have waited, i suppose, but i had a bus to catch and decided to try the men's room. unoccupied - score! so i went in, did my business, and left. as i exited, i held the door for a gentleman on his way in. he said thanks. then, i noticed a pair of yuppies, staring at me, with their jaws firmly planted on the floor.

what the fuck, people? is it really so shocking that somebody with lady parts should use the men's room? it's not like it was the kind of men's room with mutliple cubicles and urinals and stuff: in fact, it looked identical to the ladies' room, same toilet, same sink, same soap. the only difference is the stick figure on the door. in fact, the starbucks just up the road at wlu has the same two washrooms, but they're simply labeled "washroom," not men's or womens. i don't see what the big deal is, but people definitely looked at me with, well, horror.

i think they maybe need to get out more.


kim* said...

lol!!!!!!!!!! that is a little too risque for me...but definitly nota big deal. i would have thought , ok well she had to pee or she has a guy peepee part. not shocking though. lol

Jenn said...

Excellent post! I always use the mens room in situations like this too. Rules are meant to be broken sometimes. I hope that couple learns to just lighten up. Geez. Great post!