Saturday, October 04, 2008

kitchener's one redeeming quality is that its sketchy downtown shopping centre has a black-and-white photobooth, so when i feel like taking silly impromptu portraits of what i look like at the university, and i haven't been carrying a heavy camera with me, i can:


Moxie said...

LUCKY!! I can never seem to find a B/W photo booth anywhere, only those glossy ones that put a cheesy WANTED border around the shot. I'm envious of your sketchy shopping center.

The Little Illustrator said...

you're a different kind of hipster I think (from what I've read thus far and completely judging based upon that).

You are more of the laid back hipster, which is more towards "average creative type" on the hipster scale. It's a lovely spot...and a nice attitude. I deducted this guesstimation because you are smiling.

Thanks for leaving me comments, I really enjoyed them!