Friday, December 11, 2009

i haven't updated in way WAY too long, and probably shouldn't be updating now (what with being at work and all). but sometimes, i admit, i miss being a little more long winded than twitter allows.

slightly seething about getting (what i consider to be a horribly unjust) B- on a medieval poetry paper i wrote recently, and feeling a bit wobbly, which i think has to do with last night's desperation pasta salad from the only coffee shop that was open at 11pm that didn't require me to go wandering out too far into the cold. last night was fun. at quarter to ten i found out that i wouldn't be going home because the weather was lousy, and had to check into the comfort inn. where i got a grand total of no sleep, at least not until after my 7:30 alarm clock went off. the bed's are always too squishy and the temperature is never quite right, and i didn't have my usual snuggly pillows and i was terribly worried about peob, all by himself at home. he was especially glad to see me safe and sound when i got in - albeit briefly - this afternoon.

every muscle and joint in my body hurts. i dislike exams. i only like being this sore as a result of, you know, fun activities, like hiking, or sex.

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