Wednesday, October 07, 2009

hey, interwebs.

coupla thoughts today, namely:

1. updating sami kelsh the epic website you should all visit, for one thing. some pretentious writing about art there, among other things.

2. indeed, i'm conflicted again about the art thing. it seems like a lot of people don't see, or don't see much, or choose not to see, when art about and featuring females is concerned. there's a lot out there to make me uncomfortable. there's a photograph that a colleague of mine took recently that was incredibly disturbing, but what was more disturbing was that the majority of people who commented on it publicly couldn't apparently see past the fact that it was a photo of a naked chick to see that it was a photo of a naked chick laying face down and apparently or possibly dead or unconscious on a carpet next to a piece of furniture. yeah, real sexy guys. creeped me the fuck out, that. i get that a lot and all. "oh, you look so hot!" in response to a picture where i'm naked and crying. really? are you sick, or just stupid?

3. i sure love falafel.

4. oh and buy some of this kickass new knitted stuff i've been knitting

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