Thursday, July 02, 2009

welp, canada day was rainy as fuck, and we don't care for fireworks anyway. went round to dave's. he wasn't very well, so i brought him healing snacks (diet coke and potato chips, for he is a special kind of human subspecies that thrives EXCLUSIVELY ON SNACKS) and we took a nap. then we watched boondock saints and a wonderful attenborough programme on reptiles and amphibians. FASCINATING stuff. it's really cute when they cuddle. so that was nice.

earlier today i spent several minutes watching a bee fly from flower to flower in my garden, wiggling itself about in their little polleny bits, giving them each a little love before moving on. it was sweet, and quite beautiful.

also, is it weird that every time i have to tweeze a stray hair (and YES, being of central european extraction, i DO have to tweeze stray hairs from time to time) my right eye - and only my right eye - twitches. is this normal? i have no idea.

the point of this blog is this: in three short hours, i will be leaving for the englands. i will be gone for two and a half weeks. somehow i think you will all get on without me for a while, as i post almost never anyway.

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jogu said...

when i first saw boondock saints i wanted to be Irish, stayed with me for days...

attenborough rules!!! this past week i've been watching his trials of life dvd what a coinkidink.

central european strays... hahahha that made me laugh.