Friday, May 15, 2009

it was like, i was flying into a big airport then suddenly driving into a small town, with my parents, where we stopped to get coffee or something but i saw that there was a renaissance festival on, and since i just HAPPENED to be in costume, asked to stay on for the day and go to the faire. then this guy who was apparently my boyfriend turned up with this really old guy who was his dad.

and we drove into hamilton and got lost in the industrial section of the city which was for some reason on the mountain. then we somehow drove back down the mountain into this bird sanctuary which turned into a retirement home and we decided to stay on for a free dinner, pretending we were thinking of moving my dream-bf's dad there. dinner for us was this gorgeous-looking fresh ravioli in what looked to be a really light tomato sauce, with fresh basil leaves.

but then i wanted to get a glass of iced tea, and this crazy woman told me i needed to go down to the basement and to put my coat on because it was cold down there.

but i told her i had an abnormal body temperature and would be fine.

i tried like five doors before finding the right basement, and wished i hadn't broken the back of my camera because i really wanted to take pictures.

oh yeah, i broke the back of my camera back in the small town with my parents.

(forgot that bit)

anyway, in the basement looking for iced tea, i ran into a guy dressed as spock who said he saw me as seven of nine, and it was cool. we hugged, exchanged vulcan gang signs, and moved on.

then beyond him was a rowdy party in what looked like a basement rec room that was probably built in the early 90s.

boyfriend came and found me and we decided to hang out there and let his dad chillax at dinner with the other seniors.

then these two obnoxiously stupid blonde chicks were TOTALLY getting their flirt on with boyfriend and asked him to help them with something and so he went off with them to help.

while he was still within earshot i somewhat loudly complained that i hated those girls, and spent the rest of the night worrying to two other girls i'd just met that a) we were still at the stage in the relationship where he might well leave me for somebody better looking without much thought about it; and b) that in any case he might break up with me for being either so mean-spirited or insecure.

and THEN i woke up.

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