Thursday, August 07, 2008

moving on from last entry's self-pitying emofest, i now have an even more urgent, even more pressing matter to attend to.

and that's my pants.

namely: coloured jeans. gosh, i love them. basic blue's all well and fabulous, i guess, but i confess to owning about 1548797898346 pairs of black skinnies, each slightly different from one another and each designed to suit a specific sartorial situation. i've also strayed slightly from the ubergothness (and yes they ARE goth, seeing as i remember all this flouncy black stuff when it was cool the first time, thankyouverymuch. emo? i'd rather have the bubonic plague. but i digress.) of the black skinnies and gone so far as to purchase pairs in a subdued mustard yellow and white. (i've also since managed to stain them both.)

my point is, i'm having trouble deciding what other colours to introduce into my wardrobe of pants of craziness. turquoise? bubblegum? eggplant? seafoam green, perhaps? i saw a pair of red jeans that looked pretty fantabulous

(kind of like this)

but i also clearly recall owning red jeans when i was in about third grade and thinking back then that they were the most wicked awesome things ever. :|

when i was a youngster, i recall that all my wacky trousers all came with hideously outlandish and over-embellished faux-leather belts. i never wore them. i don't know why they insisted on including them with every pair of pants. they gathered dust until one day in probably sixth grade, i decided to try and sell them off to some of the neighbourhood folks in a garage sale.

all i earned that day was a sunburn.

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kim* said...

reminds me of the song by fiver iron frenzy , these aren't my pants