Tuesday, May 13, 2008

you what i want?

i want that rogers wireless should stop calling me on my mobile phone, while i'm at the office, with exciting new offers about my phone. especially not from weird-ass long distance numbers that i'm pretty sure cost me money. what the fuck is that shit? and while i'm at it, since nobody ever wants to hear about exciting new offers about shit over the phone, why do they bother? do they just hope that some people will take them up on their offers just to get rid of them or something?

also, i want that companies and charities and all that stop trying to give me free previews of shit. because when the first two weeks of some exciting new program are free, or i don't have to decide whether to donate now, the people talking to me are SO INCREDULOUS that i don't even want to try their new thing ABSOLUTELY FREE! for the first whatever. you know why it's free of course: they assume that by the time they start billing you, it's too much of a hassle for you to cancel and you'll just keep paying for it. or, in the case of charities, that you'll find it in your heart to donate that cup of coffee's worth of money per day to little so-and-so in an impoverished nation. i'm a member of greenpeace and i invest in small businesses worldwide through kiva.org. i make like $20,000 a year. don't make me feel shitty about not feeding and clothing all the orphans of the world. i do what i can, but i just don't have the budget for widespread philanthropy. not to mention the fact that i don't trust that these organizations don't have a religious agenda, and i'm certainly not interested in funding missionaries.

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Curly Sue said...

Gawd how I hate those companies! Especially the ones that aren't even people but mindless bots that talk in funny accents..argh!